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Wooden Sash Window Repairs Stockport

Are you looking for a Reputable Wooden Sash Window Repair Company in Stockport? Here at Timer Repair Systems we specialise in Sash Window Repairs in and around the Stockport area, we have over 26 years in repairing Sash Windows and have many happy customers in the Stockport. We specializing in all aspects of sash window repair, general care and maintenance for all types of sash windows. We use the latest products and tools and we can provide you with an affordable cost effective solution to your sash window repairs. Whatever your specific requirements, we have the necessary know how and expertise.

We use the <a title=”Dry Flex System” href=”http://uk.repair-care.com/products”>‘dry flex system’</a> which is specially designed for exterior application and formulated to provide durable repairs to sash windows. It has many attributes including: Good impact resistance, allows the original character of the wood to be retained and does not shatter.

With any sash window repairs, we will send out our highly skilled team to assess the job and provide a quote that is cost effective without being compromising on the quality of our workmanship . In addition, we can quote on  our superb <a title=”Draught Proofing System” href=”http://timberrepairsystemsltd.co.uk/window_repair.html”>‘draft proofing system’ </a>which not only reduces noise and dust but will improve the sliding action of the sash windows as well as preventing the draughts and rattles that can be associated with period sash windows. This all adds up to a thoroughly comprehensive restoration and repair.

Please call us today on 0161 980 4607 or email us on <a href=”mailto:info@timberrepairsystemsltd.co.uk”>info@timberrepairsystemsltd.co.uk</a> for a no obligation quote for your sash window repair.

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