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Residential Job Heaton Moor

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What We Did

The customer contacted us for a quote to replace all the timber windows. Using our products and professional service, most customers can save thousands in unnecessary replacements costs

This was a 1930’s semi in Heaton Moor, Stockport and the customer wanted us to save the windows with our products to reduce the cost of replacing all her rotten windows. We burnt off the flaky paint and chopped out all the old rotten timbers and we get back to good, dry wood.

New timber sections are then formed to replace the old ones and are then bedded on to the existing with our resin product Dry flex. This gives a water tight seal between the old and new timbers. Any defected flaky putties are removed and rebates cleaned and Dry Seal flexible putty is applied.

To all works are sanded down and we apply primer to protect until painting is done ( the customer was using his own painter to this project

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