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Travel Lodge

Travel Lodge

Repair and renovation of over 140 windows


What We Did

Travelodge (Former Queens Hotel) Llandudno
This was an old derelict former hotel that had been left to rack and ruin. We worked closely after secure the works with the local conservation officer and architect and main contractor. There were 147 old sash windows that needed repairing and renovating and also on the architects brief , they wanted to try and improve U values and also sound ratings as they where converting it into a hotel.

To do this we had to take all the old glass out and router the rebates of the sashes deeper to take a specialist slimline energy efficient acoustic glass. The windows where then re hung and draught proofed to achieve this .
Also in this project and on the new extension we supplied and fitted 52 ne box sash windows again with energy efficient acoustic glass.