Timber Repair Systems


Casement Window Repairs Alderley Edge

Timber-window-restorationWe get numerous calls about Casement Window Repairs Alderley Edge from potential customers who have heard about our good name from friends and colleagues. Many have existing ’1930′ style period properties where the casement window has looking rather tired and in need of repair and need expert advice. This is where we come in, being a company that are experts in the restoration of period casement windows through curative and preventative repair methods.

From Alderley Edge for casement window repairs to throughout the Cheshire region, Timber Repair Systems have been at the forefront of ‘window restoration’ for over 20 years; providing a first class service that matches the expectations of their customers and surpasses them with an all round customer experience that can’t be matched by any of their competitors. Championing the traditional qualities of wood over plastic and splicing alternatives, the lovingly restore all types of windows.

For Casement Window repairs Aldeley Edge, Timber Repair Systems Ltd extol the virtues of the ‘Dry Flex System’ www.window-care.com which originated in Holland and since the early nineties, has revolutionised the restoration of original timber windows through high quality products and tools. At Timber Repair Systems, this process has been implemented when dealing with timber window repairs; allowing the original character of the window to be maintained; thus giving the customer peace of mind and total customer satisfaction!