Sash Window Restoration Didsbury


We have completed a recent project for Sash Window Restoration Didsbury for a lady who needed substantial work done on her period sash windows. In addition she was looking to have her windows ‘modernized’ but not to the detriment of the traditional look and feel of the window. At present, she had single glazed windows which had now become harder to hold the heat in; thus, costing more to maintain. We assured her, that we had the necessary solution to the problem; which would be a cost effective proposal.


No matter if its Didsbury for a sash window restoration or anywhere in Trafford, Greater Manchester and beyond, you can rest assured our fast approach, attention to detail and above all professional manner will give you utter peace of mind your requirements are being dealt with by a company you can trust. With over 20 years’ experience within the industry, we are specialists in providing high quality restorations to many types of windows through our unique ‘special repair system’.


With the sash window restoration Didsbury project, we combined our window care product technology with curative and preventative maintenance repair methods which restore the original durability of the windows. Our ‘Dry Flex System’-used for exterior application and devised to provide durable repairs has many attributes which include: Allowing the original character of the window to be retained, does not shatter and has good impact resistance. Replacement of the single glazing with double glazing utilized the ‘Planibel A’ Low E product which is hi performance glass coating which leads to significantly lower energy consumption and is resistant to scratches.