Window Restoration

Our Window Restoration Services utilise a special repair system that allows the original character of the window to be maintained.

Combining the window care product technology with the Curative and Preventative Maintenance Repair Methods will serve to restore the original durability of Timber Windows.

Window Restoration Process

The Dry Flex System

The Window Care Dry Flex RP System is specially designed for exterior application and formulated to provide durable repairs.

Dry Flex system is based on two component epoxy resin which overcome many of the problems associated with the conventional epoxies.


Why Dry Flex:

  • has a good impact resistance
  • does not shatter
  • can take metal fixings
  • has a good ‘slump’ resistance (can do horizontal & vertical in one application)
  • allows the original chracter of the wood to be retained
  • can be painted with solvent and water based paints and wood stain
  • has a proven record for exterior durability (since 1988)
  • is widely specified by Local Authorities, Housing Associations and Private Practices